Germany: New Rules on Federal Elections

On Mai 3, 2013 a new law became effective in germany enruling upcoming german federal elections. The quite complex german rules show some kind of personal and proportional elements that refuse to get combined without conflict. To make the bad thing worse a new attempt has been enforced to solve what the supreme court sentenced to contradict the fundamentals of the german constitution.

The details of the new rules seem all but exciting beside the fact that the changes will impact the size and the costs of the parliament. Following the experts the size of the house of the german representatives will increase by 70 mandates or to 120 at most, respectively. As the effectiveness of parliaments is shrinking in general with its size the costs of ownership will rise: With each mandate causing the additional costs of 2.4 Mio Euro over four years, the overall costs will start at 168 Mio. Euro and could reach 288 Mio Euro for the worst case.

From the tax payer’s view it is taxing to study such attempts of healing the double bottom model which was brought to germany by the allies more than 60 years before. In order to eliminate disproportions (which are in accordance with the result of the first, the personal vote, but not with the proportional vote) a lot of chairs will be appended to the house until the original proportions (of the second vote) will be fairly fulfilled. Seems complex, is more than that.

After having discussed all the wise proposals, e.g. omitting the personal vote and making the proportional vote more flexible, the representatives eliminated all of that and implemented the worst solution while maximizing the costs.

This is amazing.

Now we date the 21st century and we are using computers all the day for any kind of task. Even in parliaments the votings are run using special purpose systems which are reading chip cards with RFIDs such that the personal data of the voters will be hidden on demand. Instead of appending seats for the others who don’t have such hang over mandates it seems quite simple to increase the weight of these chairs a little bit, e.g. from 1.00 up to 1.073. This was easy, isn’t it ?

May be. Is it too easy? May be. But this idea is worth over hundreds of millions Euro.

Das 21. Änderungsgesetz vom 27. April 2013 wurde gestern im Bundesgesetzblatt veröffentlicht und ist mit Wirkung von heute (3. Mai 2013) in Kraft getreten. Aktuelle Informationen hierzu finden Sie hier, von dort wird verwiesen auf den Verlag des Bundesanzeiger.

Der pdf-Download auf wird Anfang nächster Woche aktualisiert.


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